Michelle W
Animal activist - working to get an "animal friendly" Animal Control with no luck for years.
They have no volunteer program, refuse to post every animal needing adoption and will not allow me to create a FaceBook page for them that will provide rescues with the faces of the animals that need rescue! There is no reason for as many domestic and wild animals to be killed and they try and keep what goes on a big secret. I have asked for specific number of animals killed - every single cat, dog, pit-bull, pit "looking" dog, racoon, opposum, squirrel, etc. and they refuse to provide the numbers. Somebody decided to not allow any pit bull or pit bull "looking" dogs to be adopted - only a rescue can take them.  Well, because of this rescues are full so what do you think Animal Control is doing?  They are killing ALL those dogs.  I tried to adopt a teeny pit bull pup - he was killed for simply being a certain breed.  THAT is not animal friendly, that is breed specific discrimination, a dog holocaust.   It is completley distgusting. The staff is beyond rude even when you are trying to SAVE  an animal from being killed there.  I interceded the morning a dog was to be killed on behalf of a rescue, and I was screamed at and told to leave (I didn't and he was saved). They need a complete overhaul and customer service training.  I cannot believe MY tax dollars are paying them. It's a shame you can't teach compassion.
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