John Paul David Wilber
I know by some the small business owners in glen burnie
most  do not know my name some call me Hap Ki Do guy . some call me Big john . or Mr Bean jr. and my fav. name i call by is from Bruce Lee's kitchen  is PJ. for working out at the 1st class boxing gym in the Marley station mall  i know as Hap ki Do guy  for wearing my Hap Ki Do   Gear while i work out or  eat for lunch lol. I am High green Belt in Hap Ki Do and a Green Belt  in Tae Kwon Do been doing Hap Ki Do for 3 years and Tae Kwon Do   for a year i work in food Industry for 21 years Grown some my own food for over 30 years i work with or had done business with    Todd  McFarland , Cal Ripken Sr. and Jr. , Brooks Robinson, Gene Simmions , and Steve Geppie i have beta tested for many games that have came out over the years Umilta online, Star wars galaxy ,star wars old republic, Shadow Bane , Diablo 2 and 3, Ashron's call 2 , Horizons ,lords of umilta , world of Warcraft and a few more that never made it pass beta or alpha. my profile pic of me was took in 2010 when i shave and get dress up for events i look much younger then i am.
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