Glen Burnie Doctor's Update From New Orleans

Dr. Alan Sokoloff updated Patch about his experience with the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans as they prepare for Super Bowl XLVII.

Last week, Patch spoke with Dr. Alan Sokoloff–known as Dr. Sok–and he expressed his excitement for being with the Baltimore Ravens as the team chiropractor for Super XLVII.

This week, Dr. Sok sent an update of his trip with the team, as well as his view of the pseudo-controversy around linebacker Ray Lewis, who was accused in a Sports Illustrated article of using banned substances during his recovery from a torn triceps injury.

Glen Burnie Patch: What has been the atmosphere in New Orleans among the players and fans?

Dr. Sokoloff: We are now in day three of being here and it is back to business as usual. In the NFL world, the work week starts on Wednesday, so [on Wednesday], we went back to work. It was actually a little lighter atmosphere today with the players a little more laid back, but practicing as hard as if it was week one.

GBP: Have you gotten the chance to interact with any Ravens fans in New Orleans?

Dr. Sok: You would not believe how many Ravens fans there are down here. From the time we got here Monday, until now, there are more in numbers than 49ers fans. And it is only Wednesday. Wait until the game gets a little closer…Wow.

GBP: As a member of the Ravens medical staff, what has been the reaction to the allegations about Ray Lewis using deer antler velvet spray?

Dr. Sok: It was worth a laugh and a smile, then it was back to business. There are so many national media people here from every network. Anyone and everyone you have ever seen on TV or heard on the radio is covering this game. EVERYONE is looking for a story. There isn’t one here. Having been around this team for 13 years, there is no one that works harder and longer, physically and mentally, than Ray Lewis.

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