Solley Elementary Swaps Halloween Candy for Homework Passes and Recess

Halloween candy is going to a good cause at one local elementary school.

Students at Solley Elementary School aren't just learning about kickball and jumping jacks this year. Moderation and charity are also on the agenda, as the school carried out its first ever candy drive to support American troops and ill children.

As of Friday afternoon, the families of Solley students donated 729 pounds of Halloween candy which will go to the child patients at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Operation Shoebox, for US soldiers stationed overseas.

"We were just overwhelmed with the generosity," said Bob Wagner, principal of Solley Elementary.

Wagner said many of the students were sent home with a lunch bag to fill with candy, and came back with multiple bags to donate.

Gym teacher Brittany Duty and guidance counselor Carrie Grantham organized the project, and managed for students to get a homework pass for every half-pound of individually-wrapped candy they donated. The class that donates the most candy will get their choice of extra recess or extra gym time.

Monday is the last day for families to sacrifice their trick-or-treating goodies, according to Wagner.

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