Severna Park Elementary Donates Handmade Quilts to Hilltop

A fifth-grade community service project of handmade quilts were presented to the Judy Center on Wednesday at Severna Park Elementary School.

A lesson in sewing stitched a lasting relationship between fifth-graders at and the of in Glen Burnie. The students created six hand sewn quilts depicting their art work for the center that serves low income families.

Ramona Dairsow and Nancy Cahlink-Seidler, representatives of the center, went to Severna Park on Wednesday and accepted the quilts at a presentation.

"It's amazing that these kids would care so much," Dairsow said.

She complemented the students on their work.

"The quilts are amazing and you cared enough about them to paint the beautiful pictures," Dairsow said to the students gathered in the media center.

Judy Centers were established across the state in memory of Judith P. Hoyer, an early childhood advocate in Prince George's County and the late wife of Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD). The center offers support services to families such as adult literacy, early intervention and offers summer learning camps for children.

It was teamwork for the 69 kids and the first community service project done as an entire class. Severna Park parent volunteers Julie Shay and Susan Streaker coordinated the project. Shay said that future fifth-grade students will continue to do the class community service project.

"This project is allowing our kids to show their values, said Lynn Birus, Severna Park principal. "We want them to learn how to enjoy giving and learn the lifelong value of giving."

Polly Schatz, a grandmother and volunteer at Severna Park, was integral to getting the project completed. Schatz, an avid quilter, runs Nana's Sewing School in Severna Park. She guided the kids every step of the way and was recognized with a handmade thank-you card from the kids.


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