Q&A: North County High School Teacher Reed Cooper

Reed Cooper teaches biology and forensic science at North County High School.

Patch caught up with biology and forensic science teacher Reed Cooper in May.

Patch stopped him to ask .

Glen Burnie Patch: How long have you been in education?
Reed Cooper: Five years. All at North County.

Patch: How did you decide to go into education?
Cooper: I was initially a researcher at [Johns] Hopkins and I worked with graduate students and physicians and I was always teaching them techniques. So teaching kind of came natural to me. I wanted more students to go into science fields. A lot of the students that were coming in are the top, higher level students so I wanted to do more for the rest of the group. You know, the average student and also minority students.

Patch: What made you decide to teach at the high school level?
Cooper: At the high school level they go through a transition. They're teenagers and that's when they really transition to being an adult. So I thought this would be the best opportunity to help them get ready for the next level—the college level. I thought I could reason more with a teenager. They can take direction.

Patch: Where did you go to high school? College? What degree do you hold?
Cooper: I went to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute [for high school]. I went to undergrad at Norfolk State University and graduate school at Johns Hopkins University. My bachelor's is in biology and I have a master's in biotechnology.

Patch: What do you do in your free time?
Cooper: I have a new son, he's 2 years old. So he keeps me busy. I do a lot of things with him. Reading. And I've taken up guitar.


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