Elementary Student Disciplined After Apparent Gun-Shaped Food Incident

School administrators suspended the seven-year-old after an incident involving gun-shaped food, according to reports.

School administrators disciplined a Park Elementary student for an incident that allegedly disrupted a classroom Friday morning.

In a letter sent Friday to parents, assistant principal Myrna Phillips said the student, not identified in the letter, "used food to make inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class."

But a man who says he is the kid's father has come forward to the media, saying the school's reaction to the incident is extreme.

According to a report from Fox 45, the boy involved in the incident is seven-year-old Josh Welch, and he says the incident stemmed from a misunderstanding. Josh told Fox 45 that he was suspended two days for fashioning his food into what his teacher interpreted as a gun.

But Josh and his father–who was not identified in the Fox 45 report–say he was making a mountain out of his food, and not indeed a gun.

Bob Mosier, spokesperson for Anne Arundel County Schools, said the school system could not comment further on the incident for confidentiality reasons.

Shannon March 15, 2013 at 03:35 AM
Insult me if you must. If it makes you feel better that's great! I do know the entire situation and I know that this child was given several referrals for disruptive and violent behavior (physical violence) against other children which had been going on for several weeks. One of the victims on several occasions was my nephew. He didn't just sit in a cafeteria and use a pastry and say bang, bang. He became violent after the pastry incident towards other children and when corrected became disruptive and disrespectful to the teacher asking him to settle down. This coming from students that were present in the classroom not from the adults. Several children were questioned about the disruption, and when it became apparent that the child's lack of respect towards his peers and adults was continuing after being disciplined several times prior and the child was not learning from his write ups, loss of recess, etc., the next resort was suspension. So there is my "windbag" statement. Since his return to school he has been back to his same disruptive ways, but the school suspends him again it will be made into another media fiasco courtesy of the Father that needed pity and 15 minutes of fame.
Shannon March 15, 2013 at 03:41 AM
So do you think it's right that my nephew has to continue to be a victim of his violence because the Nation believes everything it hears or reads? This kid will be in the news later in life, but not for some made up pastry story.
betty crowl April 06, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Right on teacher from your fighting for peoples rights since the hippy generation liberal its tons of irraticals they hate correct diciplines like this that made our youths have no respects for anybodys nor anythings nor teacher adults law and governments and parents like that raise millatants like nationalist double standard irraticals and condone and cover ups for socail paths i am police security adoptee raised with 10 delinkwents and foster kids we need more peoples like you to make our youths and soceity betters and stronger when our systems and soceity over looks and have flaws and our youth become scapegoats for jails prisons and mental instatutions and reform schools because they werent firmly told write with irratical parents and soceitys ofanythings goes and this is one normal christian liberal who says good job teacher stand ups stick at its and let no ones put you downs and thank you for standing by our youths the right ways and instilling strong values so they dont become a trillion more statistics of violence in our soceity and systems lost possibly youve saved this child someday god knows the father isnt he is raiseing a disabled son like a millatant thank god for peoplws like you who care and the law judges and convicts and mentally helps our handicapped who make mistakes now days and preyfully this boy wont become another statistic lost in the systems of another throw away because of you
betty crowl April 06, 2013 at 01:51 PM
And no its not right nor fair that your nephew is a victim of this nor that he should continue to be and yes the child could later become a bigger threat to himself and soceity later he already has a dissability and behavior problems and hopefully good strong valued peoples rare and few like yourself are giveings him a good solid start better in soceity to help him in his journey thru life when so many dont get its unfourtanatwllys at homes thank you teacher for we love and respect peoples like you and desperatellys need more like you in a hay wire degennerate soceity of irraticals in peoples and systems and familys of dysfunctionals by the tons getting worse rapidllys all overs the world every days
betty crowl April 06, 2013 at 02:00 PM
God bless you teacher and school and thank you for being strong enough with strong good values and strenths for our youths to admit what really happened and stick to your convictions for this child its because of the great and the few like you are youths are taughts correctlys by the right sources and convictions so they dont become in bigger messes in soceity more detramentals then a gun shaped pastry or poptart thank god for you and others who care and nip things in the buds before they become greater massive issues later and burden the youths and soceity immensellys mores later in life


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