County's First BioMedical Students Prepare for Freshman Year in Glen Burnie

Students participated in summer programs to ease them into the inaugural year of the magnet program.

After participating in one of a variety of summer programs, about 100 freshmen are preparing to be the first magnet students at .

Students from throughout Anne Arundel County will travel to Glen Burnie next week to begin a program that will prepare them for jobs in the health care profession.

As with many students their age, a group of participants in the summer crime busters program said they didn’t necessarily have a choice about applying for the magnet program—it was a choice made by their parents. After participating in the "summer bridge" program this summer, they said they are energized and a little nervous for the school year to begin.

“In the beginning, it was something I did not want to do at all. But I came here and met people and saw what it was, and now I’m excited,” said Sierra Little, 14, of Severn.

Many of the students said they already had an interest in the medical field, like 13-year-old Jazmine Jackson of Severn.

“I want to follow my mother and become a nurse,” she said. “I thought [participating in the magnet program] would help me get into a good college, help me stay focused on school and challenge me. And help me know what I have to do in my career.”

Kimberly Foster, 13, of Severn also said she might like to go into the medical field.

“[The magnet program] was interesting because I’d like to be a doctor. But crime seems interesting, too,” she said as she wrapped up the summer crime busters bridge program, where students explored forensic science.

During the course of the summer, students participated in one of four two-week bridge programs on three topics—exploring health care opportunities and fitness, bioengineering design in addition to crime busters.

Kimberly’s mother, Carrie McGurk, said she was very impressed with the magnet program so far.

“I always wanted to be in the medical field and she always showed interest,” McGurk said of Kimberly, adding that she was impressed by everything her daughter learned in the bridge program. “From the hair [analysis] to fingerprints, and learning everything in a two-week period.”

And that was the goal of the bridge programs, said Barbara Armour, BMAH specialist with Anne Arundel County Public Schools.

“That’s part of the purpose of the bridge program—to let them know the bar has been set high,” Armour said.

Glen Burnie's BMAH program will expand year by year with the incoming freshmen this fall being next year's sophomores, and the program admitting a new freshman class. In four years, this year's freshmen will be the first group of BMAH magnet students in the county to graduate.


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