Residents Share Food, Gifts with 9,000 Anne Arundel Families

Nearly 400 residents donated items to help others through the county's Holiday Sharing Program.

Thanks to the Holiday Sharing Program, thousands of needy families in Anne Arundel County received food, cards and gifts donated by nearly 400 residents.

Anne Arundel County released the following announcement.

County Executive John R. Leopold is proud to report that the Holiday Sharing Program administered by the Department of Social Services has delivered cards, food and gifts to 9,000 needy families.

“The outpouring of support from the community to those in need during this holiday season has been tremendous,” County Executive Leopold said. “We want to thank all of the people who took a moment to help families who have been struggling in difficult economic times.”

This year the Department sent out 9,000 cards to families and seniors on cash assistance and food stamps.  At Thanksgiving, 1,115 families and 185 seniors received food, and 1,915 families and 212 seniors received food and gifts for Christmas. Upon hearing this number of people in need, some donors asked for more families and seniors to assist.  Others came personally to offering cash to be converted into gift cards.  Some needy families called and asked to be taken off the list so that others more in need could be helped.

Thirty-two organizations partnered with the department to make this
program a success, including the Salvation Army (both Annapolis and Glen Burnie), Santa Claus Anonymous, Marine Corps Toys for Tots, NCEON, SPAN, numerous churches from Brooklyn Park to Lothian, shelters and food banks.  These organizations combined assisted 4,082 families and seniors for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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