Obama Defeated Romney in Glen Burnie

A look at the vote totals for precincts in Glen Burnie show President Obama narrowly edged challenger Mitt Romney on Election Day.

President Barack Obama earned just 121 more votes than Republican challenger Mitt Romney in Glen Burnie on Tuesday. But an early voting turnout favorable to Obama gave the incumbent 51.31 percent of total local votes to Romney's 45.56 percent, according to unofficial results from the Anne Arundel County Board of Elections.

Voters who cast ballots early were able to vote at any of the five early voting locations, so early votes in Glen Burnie were influenced by Anne Arundel County residents who live outside of Glen Burnie.

Obama received 77.98 percent of votes at Rippling Woods Elementary School (precinct 002-014), which was the highest percentage for Obama.

Romney received 61.78 percent of votes at North County Senior High School (precinct 001-008), which was the highest percentage for Romney. North County Senior High School also saw the highest turnout of registered voters, with 60.74 percent showing up to vote.

Breakdown of voting in Glen Burnie by polling place:

Polling Place

Obama Romney Turnout
George Cromwell Elementary School* 42.34 54.23 57.18 North County Senior High School 34.39 61.78 60.74 Hilltop Elementary School 35.25 61.15 60.69 North Glen Elementary School 74.47 23.79 52.85 Southgate Elementary School 45.29 51.15 63.30 Glen Burnie Park Elementary School 44.40 51.90 59.95 Oakwood Elementary School 56.03 41.03 55.77 Community Church of God 43.18 53.91 58.34 Richard Henry Lee Elementary School 49.51 46.55 58.73 Glendale Elementary School 40.63 55.73 55.01 Point Pleasant Elementary School (002-010) 42.81 53.90 55.92 Woodside Elementary School 44.93 50.93 57.15 North County Area Library 43.87 52.31 52.36 Rippling Woods Elementary School 77.98 20.03 52.79 Glen Burnie Improvement Association 38.55 56.28 56.10 Marley Elementary School 65.86 32.30 53.00 Point Pleasant Elementary School (002-022)
40.50 56.41 56.89 Solley Elementary School 40.61 56.46 60.71 Marley Middle School 53.74 44.17 56.63 Orchard Beach Volunteer Fire Dept Hall 37.45 59.92 59.81 Freetown Elementary School 59.81 36.86 57.55   Election Day Votes (11,498-11,377 Obama) 
48.48 47.97 57.17 Early Votes (4,360-2,705 Obama)
60.89 37.77 N/A**   Totals (15,858-14,082 Obama) 51.31 45.56 N/A**


*This polling location drew from multiple precincts and those numbers were combined.

**Turnout percentage for early voting is incalculable because voters could cast ballots at any of the five early voting locations around Anne Arundel County.

Editor's Note: These are unofficial totals that do not include provisional ballot and absentee ballots.

LT November 09, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Amazing how 19 counties out of 23 voted for Romney. Redistricting, don't you love it!
Frank O Long November 10, 2012 at 05:22 AM
Before you add up the votes for an individual, you need to count the provisional and absentee ballots. Otherwise that is the type of math used by MBN (The Make Believe News network)
Qeefah Zooloo November 12, 2012 at 03:39 AM
The ONLY thing that the chart tells me is where the bus routes are in AA,Co..........LMAOOOOOOO!!!! It's so sad too see GLen Burnie and all the surroundings go to crap.......It's Ghettotown. :'-( So it's NO suprise....tell us something we already dont know....................STUPID IDIOTS!!!
Qeefah Zooloo November 12, 2012 at 03:41 AM
The commentator has to be an OBLAAABLAAA voter!


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