VIDEO: Car and Deer Collide on Annapolis Road

An Odenton resident captured video of his car striking a deer in Gambrills last week.

Amir Pishvaei was driving his new car last week on Annapolis Road, approaching Route 3 when a deer abruptly came out onto the road. 

"I've seen deer there before and I'm always scared when I drive there," he told Patch in an email. "Unfortunately, that night, last Wednesday, I went out for a short drive to get gas on my brand new car and this happened."

The video shows the deer quickly come out from the north side of the road and striking the left side of the car. Pishvaei's car was equipped with an on-dash camera, and he managed to capture the scene of the deer coming from the north side of the road. It's clear that the deer had no regard for traffic or his or her own safety.

Pishvaei said the impact caused damage to the car's hood. The deer, meanwhile ran off and did not even appear to be hurt, Pishvaei said.

Click on the YouTube clip above to see the impact.

Have you encountered deer on Annapolis Road in the Gambrills area?

Jen Przydzial November 20, 2012 at 08:16 PM
I am curious how/why this was shot? Do they normally have a video on their car capturing their driving?
Tim Lemke November 20, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Yes, apparently he has a dash cam. Some people use them to record events on the road in front of them if there's an accident of some kind.
A Pishvaei November 26, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Dash-Cams are inexpensive. About $23 will get you one! That is what mine costs. Everyone should have one in their car and outside their house. As you see on the internet, you never know what you capture and one day it could come in handy. My field of work has to do with cameras and recording. There are many types of cameras you can get today and very inexpensive. Search on Ebay for Dash-cam and you will see. Better quality will cost more.


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