UPDATED: Victim in Brooklyn Park Hit-and-Run Succumbs to Injuries, Police Continue Search for Drivers

Alex Hernandez, 25, of Baltimore—one of two men on bicycles who were hit in separate incidents by drivers who fled the scene Thursday morning—died from his injuries in the Brooklyn Park accident.

Updated 9:29 a.m. July 18: Alex Hernandez, 25, of Baltimore City has died from injuries suffered in a hit-and-run accident Thursday as he was riding his bicycle in Brooklyn Park, police said.

Police still are looking for the woman they believe was driving the black sedan that hit Hernandez. The suspect is described as a black woman and the sedan, possibly a Hyundai, is said to have damage to the right front headlamp assembly, hood and windshield.

Original article: Police are asking residents to help them locate two drivers who they believe were involved in separate hit-and-run accidents with bicyclists Thursday morning.

In the first accident, a Glen Burnie man was legally riding his bicycle north on Crain Highway near Georgia Avenue at about 7:30 a.m. when police say an unknown, small gray sedan—possibly a Chevrolet or Saturn—traveling north on Crain hit the rear tire of the bike.

Marco A. Garcia, 41, was taken to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he was listed as being in critical and unstable condition as of Thursday afternoon, according to a police press release.

The suspect's car is believed to have damage to the right front headlight area and windshield. The driver was described as a white man with a beard wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a baseball cap. The car was seen speeding from the scene, heading northbound on Crain.

Then, at about 8 a.m., officers responded to Ritchie Highway northbound near Bon Air Avenue in Brooklyn Park where another bicyclist was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

According to a police press release, preliminary investigation determined that Alex Canales Hernandez, 25, of Baltimore City was attempting cross Ritchie Highway when he was hit. A woman was reportedly driving the car described as a black sedan, possibly a Hyundai, with damage to the right front headlamp assembly, hood and windshield.

Police said the driver, described only as a black woman, got out of her car to examine the scene but got back in her car and left. Police did not have tag information for the car.

Hernandez was taken to the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he was listed as being in critical condition as of Thursday afternoon.

Anyone with information about either accident is asked to contact the Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Traffic Safety Section at 410-222-8573 or police communications at 410-222-8610.

Editor's note: This article was updated to include the description of the black sedan in the the accident that occurred in Brooklyn Park. It also corrected the day the incidents occurred, which was Thursday, and the name of the victim in the incident on Crain Highway.

John Thomas July 16, 2011 at 10:44 AM
I am thinking with the soft on crime laws here in Maryland these hit and run drivers will not do much time if any at all..
Phillip July 16, 2011 at 03:44 PM
It seems most of Maryland doesn't care about bicyclists. Drivers seem to have this attitude of "the road is only for cars". Lawmakers thought this 3 foot buffer zone was going to do something, it has done nothing. I've ridden my bicycle several times from route 2 from the county up to Pratt street downtown. Google has done a great job at routing out the known bike paths that the city/county/state have published. Here is the route they suggest http://goo.gl/xIBJ0 and honestly if you take that route you'll probably end up run over, shot, mugged, or lucky you made it. If the city and county wants to do something to make Baltimore more bike friendly they have a funny way of showing it. They install bike racks (in the city) but don't bother putting in a dedicated bike lanes through the core of the county or city. As for what charges are going to be filed, because he ran the charges will be greater than what happened when an 83 year old woman nearly kills a college student on a bicycle as reported here by Baltimore's leftist Sun paper http://goo.gl/M4fRO (oh how I miss the examiner, Good thing we have patch!).
Linda Moberg July 18, 2011 at 01:57 PM
I can't believe that woman got out of her car, checked to see what she hit, like it was a cat, dog, etc and then drove off! How can any human being do such a thing! When they catch her, and I hope it is very soon, this should NOT be considered vehicular manslaughter. There should be some way to get a much harsher charge of a form of murder. She knew she hit this person, and I am sure by looking at him knew that he did not have a couple of scratches, and still chose to drive off! Well I hope she gets caught and soon! I don't live in Glen Burnie anymore but visit as often as I can, as my sister still lives there. I also consider it my home and have friends there too. We need to get this person off the road before it happens again!
keetiebug July 23, 2011 at 01:24 AM
To the woman who caused this hit & run that resulted in death. What u did was inhumane. "Alex" was just some debri in this street he was a human being, a son, & possibly a father, etc. If you a soul you would turn yourself in. What you did tells me have no respect or regard for any life. What if that was your loved one and to make things worst you actually got out look at "Alex" and fled the scene. If he was non-responsive that should have told you something was wrong. I hope your reading this & the guilt of taking a life so selfishly drive you to eternal damnation. To "Alex" family... I don't personally know him, but I hope you guys eventually find peace in this and my deepest sympathy goes out to your family. This person will be caught; it's just a matter of time. I pray for peace and serenity.
keetiebug July 23, 2011 at 01:25 AM
meant Alex wasn't some debri on the street


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