Updated: Police Confirm Reports of Fight Near BHS

No arrests have been made in the case and no charges have been filed, according to police.

An 18-year-old was hospitalized Friday after a fight behind with a 15-year-old student, according to police.

The in the 800 block of Chestnut Tree Drive in the community of Cape St. Claire.

The older teen's right eye was seriously injured in the assault, police said, and he reportedly had surgery at the University of Maryland Trauma Center in Baltimore on Friday night. No arrests have been made in the case, and no charges have been filed.

The release from the Anne Arundel County Police Department states:

Updated 01/30/12: The investigation is being conducted by Eastern District Detectives. Detectives have interviewed multiple witnesses and are attempting to ascertain who the aggressor was in the incident. The 18-year-old victim remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Police Department has consulted with the State’s Attorney’s Office and no charges are being placed at this time based on the information that has been obtained during the course of the investigation, however, the investigation is ongoing with additional interview(s) pending. The Police Department will consult the State’s Attorney’s Office again at the conclusion of the investigation. 

Updated 01/28/12: Preliminary investigation has revealed that shortly after Broadneck High School dismissed students, the 18 year old victim approached a known 15 year old student from the school and the two became involved in a dispute off of school property in the 900 blk. of Chestnut Tree Drive. The confrontation escalated into a physical fight between the two and the 15 year old struck the 18 year old in the right side of his face. Detectives have determined that the teens are known to each other and that witnesses have been identified and are being interviewed.

The fight reportedly occurred at a popular student hangout behind the school, near the intersection of Chestnut and Southview drives.

A resident, who did not want to be identified, said for at least 18 years, students have been hanging out there—smoking, drinking and even doing drugs, right on his property.

A YouTube video posted in May 2011 shows a fight between two students occuring at the location, a place students reportedly call "The Pit," the man said.

He said he wouldn't be surprised if videos of the Friday assault showed up on YouTube as well.

The man said he has contacted police before, but by the time they arrive, the crowds disperse and will reconvene later.

"Every time they get here, they're already gone. The kids are smart, they text each other when the cops are coming," he said. "It didn't used to be as bad, but then they kicked them off the school property for smoking."

Patti Sue Nolan February 02, 2012 at 01:38 AM
"A resident, who did not want to be identified, said for at least 18 years, students have been hanging out there—smoking, drinking and even doing drugs, right on his property." He DID NOT want to be identified, you dumb dumbs. Not sure I would ever speak on the condition of anonymity to D. Frank Smith. And where is the editor???
D. Frank Smith February 02, 2012 at 05:09 AM
What's the issue, exactly? There are a number of homes near that intersection. I spoke to one of those home owners. And I am the editor.


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