Lawn Ornament Thefts Continue in Brooklyn Park

A stash was found in the yard of man who died.

Stolen lawn ornaments keep turning up in Brooklyn Park’s Arundel Village neighborhood.

Days after a Brooklyn Park man was arrested and charged with theft after allegedly stealing ceramic gnomes and other lawn decorations, residents Friday found a stash of lawn ornaments in the yard of a man who recently died, said Debbie Frank, incoming president of the Arundel Neighborhoods Association.

But police aren’t sure if the same man is responsible or for how long the items had been stashed in the yard, police spokesman Justin Mulcahy wrote in an email.

Jason Jacobs, 27, of the 5200 block of Fourth Street, also was charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license, police said. An officer investigating the report of stolen lawn ornaments found Jacobs driving a car containing those items, police said. Some were returned to the residents.

After contacting police Friday, residents are taking it upon themselves to return the items. Frank found some of the owners, but has two ceramic figures—one of a boy holding a fish and one of a girl holding a puppy with a wagon of puppies at her feet—on her porch.

The latest incident has Frank upset, particularly because the thief took some items from a memorial garden she created to honor her husband who died a couple years ago. She found those items among the stash.

“I called the police this morning. They need to be aware of this,” she said. “It’s getting so bad, people will steal anything for money.”

Anyone looking for their missing figurines is welcome to call Frank at 410-491-9662, she said.

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Deborah Frank September 17, 2012 at 09:19 PM
Once again Jennifer Donatelli hits a home run with a story. It's very sad that you can't even made your yard look nice and know your things will be there when you get up in the morning. Keep reporting the little things and maybe the bad guys will get the message to stop before they get to bigger things.


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