TIP$ for Making a Difference

See how $1 can help make a difference in someone else's life.

Are you looking for ways to give back this holiday season? Do you think you cannot afford to make a difference? Well think again.

In the December issue of O Magazine, a list was provided to show how far just one or two dollars can go to the needy.

  1. For $1 you can purchase two books in an African classroom where as many as 20 children share one textbook. booksforafrica.org
  2. For $2 you can pay for a set of drumsticks for a music student in a low-income public school. littlekidsrock.org
  3. A $3 pledge pays for a field trip to a concert, museum or theater for a high-risk youth. createnow.org
  4. For $4 you can purchase two hours of prepaid phone time to a soldier overseas. cellphonesforsoldiers.com
  5. A $5 pledge pays for a one-burner kerosene stove for a needy family. foodforthepoor.org

Just think of how far $20 would go between these organizations. You could save an animal, educate a child, feed the hungry, support our troops or create a smile. A full list of resources can be viewed here.

If you have a Secret Santa swap at the office, why not take a list of these organizations and have each person pick one out of a hat to donate to instead of giving something to each other that you probably do not need? This is a great way to get inspired and learn something new.

Please keep in mind that these are needs that are year-round and not just for this time of year.

Give a little … it goes a long way.

Happy Holidays!


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