Make Sure you Save as the Kids Head Back to School

Here are some T.I.P.$ to get you prepared and ready for back to school.

It’s back-to-school time and we have some T.I.P.$ and ideas to get you ready with a plan of action.

As summer comes to an end, so does the spring/summer collection of clothes and shoes. Now is the time to check all the clearance items to get those bargains while they make room for the fall lineup.

  • is August 14-20 on clothes and shoes for $100 or less. Make sure you shop on those dates and buy items already on sale for extra savings.
  • The short-sleeved shirts that have decals or graphics on them are on clearance now and are perfect for wearing over a plain long sleeved shirt for the fall/winter. Most department stores have them marked down as low as $1-3. So opt out of buying the long sleeved graphic shirts and save by purchasing plain shirts instead to put underneath the new one you just bought for less. It’s a new item for now and a layered look for later.
  • Decide on one supply store (such as ) that has everything you need in one place. Take all the advertisements from other stores that have a sale that same week. Show the supply store the competitor’s price and they should match it (see price guarantee policy here). A one-stop-shop just saved you lots of time and gas money. (Extra tip: stock up now on things like crayons that can be used in goodie bags for birthday parties).

Lisa Dunham, a mother of three from Glen Burnie, shared this tip: “Most stores put their school supplies on clearance a week or so after school starts. I always go and stock up on supplies, so if the kids need to replenish throughout the year, I already have everything”.

  • Five Below sells off-brand backpacks for $5 that are valued at $14.99 at most department stores.
  • Do not buy new books for college. Instead opt for used books by first checking with the bulletin boards on campus for postings by other students who may be selling the book you need. Also, you can check websites such as Half.com or Barnes & Noble by entering the ISBN number once you enrolled for classes. You can rent books from these websites as well. The college bookstore may have used copies too.

Patty Conticello who works for Anne Arundel County Public Schools offers these tips to get a head start on paperwork:

  • Update your residency now. Don't wait until the last minute, as it will be very difficult to get an appointment with a residency officer.
  • If entering pre-K and kindergarten, students need to have a physical prior to starting school to ensure they are up to date on immunizations. If you do not have an appointment yet, it is recommended to do it now.
  • Stop by the school and pick up a supply list if your local supply store ran out of copies.

It’s hard to believe that school is starting up in a few weeks, but these tips should help you get a head start with the headache.

Happy savings!


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