I Am Christopher Columbus

Help new editor Brian Hooks make Glen Burnie Patch even better.

First off, I am not Christopher Columbus. I did not discover the Americas and I don't even know how to sail a boat.

However, much like Columbus and his crew from 1492, I am treading across new lands as the new local editor of Glen Burnie Patch.

Also like Columbus, this "new land" I will explore has actually been home to generations of people before my arrival—and that's where you, the Glen Burnie Patch faithful, come in.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will dive head-first into the local business, government and crime scenes in Glen Burnie and around Anne Arundel County.

But I cannot do it alone.

In order to make Glen Burnie Patch the best possible local news and conversation-place on the web, I need you the readers to contribute your thoughtful insight on the stories and events that matter to you.

And for those of you who organize events and write community announcements, I will do my absolute best to make sure your messages are passed on to other readers, through Patch, Facebook and Twitter.

So let's start right now—please take a moment to comment on the stories you want to see on Glen Burnie Patch. Do you know of a particularly charitable neighbor? Is traffic on your street a safety concern to you? I want to know about it.

Also, sometimes the best sources of local conversation are not members of the news media (yes, I admit it) so if you know of a super blogger or Tweeter, let me know about him or her so I can learn more about the communities that I cover.

With help from you, the community of Glen Burnie, I will be there to help hoist the sails during the roughest of seas and keep everyone happy on those days of smooth sailing.

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